Wild Friends Videos

Wild Friends Celebrate 30+ Years!

Wild Friends is so thankful to be able to continue empowering New Mexico’s youth and teaching them that their voice matters! Watch this video to see Wild Friends throughout the years.

Wild Friends Advocate for SB 32

Wild Friends students created this video to help advocate for Senate Bill 32 during the 2022 legislative session.

Outdoor Classrooms

Wild Friends students had to reach their legislators somehow while working virtually! These awesome students put together videos on why outdoor classrooms are important.

Outdoor Classroom Prototype Design Contest

One of the student projects this year was to design and outdoor classroom! Check out this video on the criteria and winners.

Task Force Recommendations

Wild Friends students will play an important role in the Outdoor Classroom Task Force. They put together a recommendation video for the Task Force members!

What impact does Wild Friends make? Find out in our video!

Meet Wild Friends teachers, students, and supporters in the state legislature, and hear about the work we do and our impact on New Mexico schools and communities.