Classroom Activities

Wild friends in the classroomWild Friends offers various classroom activities throughout the school year. Our program enhances student learning through hands-on activities and student advocacy all while students create a real impact through their legislative work. Our program is not designed to replace required curriculum, but to work in tandem with your current curriculum which is why all of our lessons connect to state standards.

Wild Friends offers science and civics lessons along with guest speakers and in-class wildlife activities/programs. Our science and civics lessons are to help students understand our legislative topic and learn how government works to ensure they feel knowledgeable and confident to speak with legislators during the session. In the spring, we offer various outdoor or wildlife activities where we bring wildlife in the classroom to celebrate their hard work during the legislative session! 

In the classroom, students will:

  • Vote by ballot to choose the annual wildlife-related topic
  • Research the winning topic (topic lessons)
  • Learn about state government and lawmaking (civics lessons)
  • Write a real bill or a memorial with help from Wild Friends legal educators
  • Complete a practice session to prepare for talking to Legislators
  • Write letters to Legislators during the legislative session asking to support their bill or memorial
  • Participate in various outdoor or wildlife activities in the spring

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Wild friends in the classroomwild friends in class