Additional Science Resources

List of Learning Resources – Web usage and Classroom projects

Mother Nature

Select activities for age groups. Select activities such as learning animal classifications: Bird, mammal, reptile to providing lots of craft ways to immerse learning about wildlife and nature in your daily life.

National Parks Service

Activities for kids such as Web Rangers: take quizzes, play on-line games, learn about different kinds of wildlife and nature.

Resources for Students and Educators


From Pristine to Earth

From Pristine to Earth is an environmental novel for middle school students and young adults interested in an adventure-filled story with a twist. Marlo, the protagonist, is sent from Pristine on two school assignments to observe the environment on Earth. Joined with two other students, Marlo sets out on a quest to bring about positive change for a problem that has become widespread in the country of Urban.

New Series on Bird Health: Winged Warnings

Created by Environmental Health News in partnership with National Geographic, "Winged Warnings" is a new series that explores our changing natural environment through birds—from eagles and ospreys to songbirds. Reporters traveled all around the world to study birds in their habitats to discover how they are being harmed by climate change, among other threats.