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Wild Friends Testimonials

One reason I love bringing Wild Friends into my classroom is it offers us real world, problem-based learning.  The final exam is when the students get to go up to the legislature.  Students get to see in real time how powerful advocacy and civic engagement are, and how they too have a voice in making change.

Jennifer Chavez-Miller, teacher

Being a part of this memorial makes me feel good, like I've done something that will really help to preserve New Mexico's unique environment for generations to come.

Maria Russell, student

With Wild Friends, students understand that they can impact the process.  I expect to see a lot of them back here as legislators somewhere down the road.

Senator Sander Rue, Bernalillo County

I always say one of the most powerful lobbying groups that we have in the state of New Mexico are our Wild Friends.

Senator Howie Morales, Catron, Grant and Socorro Counties

Part of what makes New Mexico so special is our open lands and our wildlife.  Wild Friends has recognized that is the future of New Mexico, and that if we lose those things they're gone forever.

Senator William Soules, Doña Ana County

Wild Friends provides young people the opportunity to learn how to do something positive about the environment. Students hear so many negative things that they can easily have an attitude of "Why bother?”.  Wild Friends learn that they do have power and control over their futures.

Debra Loftin, high school biology teacher

I appreciate the work you are doing to educate students and the larger community about wildlife issues, to teach students about the political process and to promote civic involvement.

Jeff Bingaman, former U.S. Senator

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