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Wild Friends Testimonials

We appreciate what you Wild Friends are doing. You are making a real big difference.

Tom Rutherford, Former Senate Majority Leader, New Mexico State Legislature

I am very proud of all the students that participated in the drafting process. I felt great knowing that I was helping teach some of our young people their first real lesson about government and the legislative process.

Raymond G. Sanchez, Former Speaker of the House, New Mexico State Legislature

Every legislature in the West needs a similar program.

Ed Marston, Publisher, High Country News

This program fills a critical environmental education niche. New Mexico is fortunate to have the Wild Friends program.

Susan George, Attorney, Defenders of Wildlife

[Wild Friends] find out that protecting wildlife and preserving their habitat are not simple matters. They find different groups of citizens have different opinions.

John Pickering, retired book editor and Wild Friends Mentor

Wild Friends provides young people the opportunity to learn how to do something positive about the environment. Students hear so many negative things that they can easily have an attitude of 'Why bother?'. Wild Friends learn that they do have power and control over their futures. I think the program is great.

Debra Loftin, High School Biology Teacher

I think you have developed a wonderful strategy for helping disadvantaged youth. Given a child's natural love for wildlife, I think this is an excellent way to promote learning and community involvement.

Pete V. Domenici, U.S. Senator

I appreciate the work you are doing to educate students and the larger community about wildlife issues, to teach students about the political process and to promote civic involvement.

Jeff Bingaman, U.S. Senator

Our visit to the legislature was a valuable experience and you sent out an amazing amount of material to support informed participation in the program. We look forward to next year.

Donna Goad, Teacher

I teach life science. Wild Friends makes it easier to meet state standards in many ways. I use their materials throughout the year.

Christine Penfold, Teacher

Being a part of this memorial makes me feel good, like I've done something that will really help to preserve New Mexico's unique environment for generations to come.

Maria Russell, 10th grader

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