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School of Law: Wild Friends Program

The Wild Friends Program is an award-winning civics education program at the UNM School of Law, providing hands-on learning to students in grades 4-12 across New Mexico. In this unique program, students help draft legislation on a wildlife conservation issue and work to pass it in the New Mexico State Legislature. Students learn how our government works, and that they have a voice!

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Some other news! - As a result of our 2013 memorials on wildlife safety zones, NM Game and Fish has received funding to build a wildlife safety zone! The funded project will put three miles of fencing on I-25 through Raton; a second project will involve five miles of fencing near Cuba, and will funnel wildlife below the highway at two bridges over the Rio Puerco, and has a "strong chance" of being funded. Mark Watson from NMGF says,"hats off to Wild Friends!" These are real, on-the-ground results that will save both human and wildlife lives, and the students should be proud! FYI, the photos are from the first wildlife culvert in NM, which is being used as a model for the Rio Puerco project.

2015 Study Protecting Wildlife From Drones-SM 91 & HM 81—PASSED!

It was an interesting year at the New Mexico Legislature! We started with SB82, PROHIBITING THE USE OF DRONES IN HUNTING, but at our first hearing, the committee took out some important elements that would not protect wildlife. The Wild Friends took an emergency vote, and decided to kill the bill and create a memorial that would recommend a study to protect non-game wildlife from drones. The two memorials, SM 91 and HM 81, both passed the House of Representatives and the Senate just one week before the session ended. Well Done!!

Check out Ladera Elementary School and their Drone pictures!

"Celebrating 20 Years" of Wild Friends New Logo Design Unveiled

new logoThe Wild Friends Program is 20 years old! Under the guidance of Ruth Musgrave, Carolyn Byers, Judy Flynn-O'Brien, and many other staff and volunteers, the program has reached over 10,000 students across New Mexico. We thought it would great to celebrate with a new logo and have the students from various schools who participate in our program help design it. With the many talents of the students, we took some of their ideas and images to create the new logo. We hope you like our new design.

Special thanks to the students at Guadalupe Montessori School (Silver City), Horizon Academy West (Albuquerque), Madison Middle School (Albuquerque), South Mountain Elementary (Edgewood), and Rio Rancho Cyber Academy (Rio Rancho) for their creative, heartfelt and inspiring work!

In designing the new logo, we asked all the students who participated to tell us why they came up with their logo and its meaning to Wild Friends. We integrated elements of the various designs shown here to create the new Wild Friends logo. The talent of all these students is truly amazing!

Wild Friends staff were so thrilled of the talents of the students, we thought you would enjoy some of the other images they came up with.