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2014 Memorial – Poaching - Successful Again!

PoachingThis year the Wild Friends is working on memorial on Poaching, in support of NM Game & Fish efforts to increase the penalty for certain poaching to a "4th degree" felony. What is poaching? It is illegally catching live animals or killing animals. A person who illegally kills wildlife is called a poacher. The illegal killing of wildlife, otherwise known as poaching, has become the world’s most profitable crime activity behind drugs and guns. Poaching has driven many species to the point of extinction. Because wildlife belongs to all of us, poachers are stealing something of enormous value from us all. Good luck, Wild Friends!

Update: 2/24/2014: Wild Friends did it Again!Wild Friends "Trophy Poaching Awareness" memorials HM 3 and SM 14 have PASSED! HM 3 passed with a unanimous vote and SM 14 passed 33-1. Well Done!

Update: 2/4/2014: KOB TV in Albuquerque, became interested of our memorial regarding poaching and interviewed one of our Wild Friends student, Dylan Martinez from Rio Rancho Cyber Academy. She did an outstanding job! Click to read the article.

Wildlife Safety Zones - 2013 Legislative Project – You Did It!

elkThe Wild Friends have done it again!  HM 1 and SM 11 have both been unanimously passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate, thanks to the hard work of Wild Friends students from across New Mexico.  Students met with legislators, wrote letters, and testified at committee hearings and on the floor, impressing everyone they met.  New Mexico may soon have more wildlife safety zones, protecting both animals and humans, because of the students’ dedication and hard work.  Way to go, Wild Friends!  And many thanks to our legislative sponsors, Rep. Mimi Stewart and Sen. Howie Morales. 

The last initiative on this project was in 2011 when we created a memorial for a wildlife safety zone pilot project for Dept. of Game and Fish and Dept. of Transportation to create a pilot project to reduce animal-vehicle collisions in one area of the state.  Now, the state agencies need another memorial to update their data so that the project can one day soon expand to the entire State of New Mexico.

Keep up with the action on our Facebook page (see link above)!!

Wild Friends in “New Mexico Wildlife” Article!!!!

The New Mexico State Land Office wrote an article about Wild Friends on our efforts of the Children’s (Outdoor) Bill of Rights that urges agencies to get kids outside.  This article came out in NM local newspapers in mid-June 2012.  Please look in the “Kid Tracks” section for the wonderful article!

Wild Friends on TV!

“New Mexico Style”, a local television talk show, hosted an interview with the Wild Friends on Monday, March 5.

Check out our fabulous students at www.kasa.com/dpp/nm_style/features/wild-friends

Thanks to the students, their parents and teachers for making this happen!

And look for a story about Wild Friends in the next issue of “New Mexico Wildlife” in your local newspaper in April.

"Celebrating 20 Years" of Wild Friends New Logo Design Unveiled

new logoThe Wild Friends Program is 20 years old! Under the guidance of Ruth Musgrave, Carolyn Byers, Judy Flynn-O'Brien, and many other staff and volunteers, the program has reached over 10,000 students across New Mexico. We thought it would great to celebrate with a new logo and have the students from various schools who participate in our program help design it. With the many talents of the students, we took some of their ideas and images to create the new logo. We hope you like our new design.

Special thanks to the students at Guadalupe Montessori School (Silver City), Horizon Academy West (Albuquerque), Madison Middle School (Albuquerque), South Mountain Elementary (Edgewood), and Rio Rancho Cyber Academy (Rio Rancho) for their creative, heartfelt and inspiring work!

In designing the new logo, we asked all the students who participated to tell us why they came up with their logo and its meaning to Wild Friends. We integrated elements of the various designs shown here to create the new Wild Friends logo. The talent of all these students is truly amazing!

Wild Friends staff were so thrilled of the talents of the students, we thought you would enjoy some of the other images they came up with.

2012 Memorial - the Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights

Wild Friends is working on the Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights this year, a memorial asking the state to recognize the rights of children to have access to outdoor activities, and encouraging state agencies to develop outdoor programs for children. The memorial is HM 3 in the House (Rep. Mimi Stewart, sponsor) and SM 10 in the Senate (Sen. Cynthia Nava, sponsor).  Check out their progress here, or on the New Mexico legislative website, www.nmlegis.gov.  Good luck, Wild Friends!

Update: 2/4/2014: Wild Friends held their Children's Bill of Rights press conference and presentations on January 29, 2013. Students from Rio Rancho Cyber Academy presented the presentation. Great job!

Update: 2/9/12: SM 10 unanimously passed the Senate today, with students from Guadalupe Montessori in Silver City cheering them on from the gallery! HM 3 unanimously passed the House of Representatives last week, which means that New Mexico now has a Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights from both chambers of the legislature.  WAY TO GO, WILD FRIENDS!!

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